February 21, 2019


Rank Authorizations through the U.S.A. Alliance Martial Arts Network

Rank is a valuable tool of our trade. As you are aware there are many instructors that give themselves whatever rank or pay big money to mail order organizations to obtain a rank or belt of their choice. This happens daily!

We agree it should not be this way. However, there is nothing like authenticity!! That’s us, the Alliance. We do not grant rank to anyone! Each candidate must meet certain requirements before we will authorize rank. Our International Advisory Board Members must all agree before
ranks are bestowed.

If you would like the Alliance to honor your current rank or would like a rank review, please download the attached application.

Please download the forms that are here for your convenience. These will be required for you rank upgrade. (Note: Must Have Adobe Acrobat Reader To View These Forms)

{4 Rank authorization pdfs go here}
What does it cost? (cost pdf)
What are the requirements? (requirements pdf)
What do we provide for you? (what we will provide pdf)
Rank Upgrade Application (rank application)