February 21, 2019


Budo Society

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This U.S.A. International Budo Society is for recognizing Martial Art men and women of the U.S.A. Alliance Martial Arts Network only. This society is not connected to or relating to any other martial arts organization or society or fraternity or group or person.

This is for recognizing men and women for their accomplishments, competitiveness, knowledge, and experience in the Martial Arts. All Martial Art styles and all systems can or will be considered for recognition. This Society has no dues and has no monetary figure for induction purposes. Inductees will be determined by the Original Society Board Members.

Inducted members will be Lifetime Alliance members and support the functions of the Alliance. A candidate may be reviewed for several years before being accepted. These inducted members will adhere to the Budo code of ethics and display great integrity in the Martial Arts. These elite members will be true Martial Artist and will have exceptional ability and have shown outstanding achievement in the Martial Arts. Along with great knowledge and wisdom in the Martial Arts, some will have the demonstrated true competitive spirit by being state, regional, national and world champions in Forms, Weapons and or Fighting. Society members are considered without regard to race, creed, color, sex. Members of the Society are equal in the Society, regardless of rank, length of time, and experience. They will be considered, “the best of the best”, in the U.S.A. Alliance Martial Arts Network.

Budo Society Constitution & Rules
{budo society – pdf}